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Donic Waldner Senso Carbon

Kayu/Blade pingpong
100% original

Kami bisa merakit/memasang karet bet tanpa biaya (GRATIS). Cantumkan dlm kolom keterangan "Tolong dirakitkan dgn Speed Glue / WBG (pilih salah satu)"
Berat : 1 kg
Detail Produk:
Control : 8+
Speed : 8+
Layer : 5 + 2 Carbon
Weight : 86 gr

This model is based on the famous DONIC Allplay which is one of
the best-sellers in the world!
Due to two additional Carbon layers the Waldner Senso Carbon combines
the unique characteristics of the high-tech component Carbon with
the undeniably proven Swedish allround construction in a perfect match.

The result is a fantastic playing characteristic providing
speed and control in an ideal balance.
Supported by the Senso V1 void this blade operates very elastic
giving you the essential feedback of the bounce of the ball.

For attack players as well as for aggressive allrounders,
the Waldner Senso Carbon is a perfect blade.

Harga: Rp.640.000

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