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Kayu/Blade pingpong
100% original

Kami bisa merakit/memasang karet bet tanpa biaya (GRATIS). Cantumkan dlm kolom keterangan "Tolong dirakitkan dgn Speed Glue / WBG (pilih salah satu)"
Berat : 1 kg
Detail Produk:
Speed : 88
Control : 66
Thickness : 6.3 mm
Weight : 89 gr (FL)

7-ply wooden blade with incredible energy and power.
The outer surface is lacquered by special technique which
increases the power of the strokes. Recommended by Ma Long.

The full force of seven high-energy pure wood floor, use of five
"high-pressure balloon class" technology, the surface material by special process,
effectively enhance flexibility, integration loop for COSCO sets the running game.

Harga: Rp.350.000

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