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Donic Cayman

Kayu/Blade pingpong
100% original

Kami bisa merakit/memasang karet bet tanpa biaya (GRATIS). Cantumkan dlm kolom keterangan "Tolong dirakitkan dgn Speed Glue / WBG (pilih salah satu)"
Berat : 1 kg
Detail Produk:
Control : 8
Speed : 8-
Layer : 5 wood / all wood
Weight : 79 gr
Elasticity : stiff

All-round with good feel
DONIC developed with the CAYMAN, an extremely light and
relatively fast all round blade with high rigidity and excellent control.

This blade is especially suitable for players using pimples. The
hard outer plies are particularly effective when using long or short pimples.
Blocking and counter attacking become more deadly and more troublesome,
especially for long pimpled players.

Amazing control, with no lessening of speed, permits the player
using this DONIC blade to attack and defend and enjoy his game.
This does not only apply to players using pimples.

Harga: Rp.460.000

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