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Xiom Vega Europe DF

Karet/Rubber Bat Pingpong
Cocok utk bola plastik/polyball 40+
100% original

Berat : 1 kg
Detail Produk:
Speed : 110
Spin : 115
Control : 110
Hardness : Soft ~ 37.5 degree

VEGA EURO DF, another brilliant series of VEGA rubber has arrived. XIOMs latest technology, Dynamic Friction is applied to this rubber. With Dynamic Friction, the rubber catches the ball better creating better spin & control. Ability to catch the ball creates players with more advantage over the opponents by hitting the ball back to the opponents much easier. Experience the new flawless rubber made by XIOM. VEGA EURO DF is great for the players who prefer spin & control.

Vega Dynamic Friction for Plastic Balls

Evolved from snow tyre technology, Dynamic Friction rubber has the higher friction rate in movement against the ball. Dynamic friction is a result of balancing chemical composition with physical structure for the specific purpose; different than making static friction. New plastic ball is more difficult to catch with the rubber for spin because harder plastic shell also has the more slippery surface. Especially when the plastic ball hits the rubber with high speed at extreme angle. VEGA Dynamic Friction series improved the grip on plastic ball while keeping the legacy of world's most popular rubber formula. We are ready for plastic balls. Win With Us!

Harga: Rp.450.000

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