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Donic Blue Contact 50ml Original Repack WBG

Lem utk bet pingpong.
100% original product Donic, dikemas ulang dlm ukuran 50ml.
Cocok utk spon berpori-pori.
Daya tempel lbh kuat, tp mudah dilepas dan tdk merusak spon.
Berat : 1 ons
Detail Produk:
The DONIC Blue Contact Glue has been specially developed to improve the playing effects of large-pored sponges such as the DONIC Bluefire series. The glues sticky consistency guarantees a strong adhesion but also allows the rubber sheet to be easily detached when changing rubbers without damaging the sponge. In addition if several layers of the glue are applied, spin and speed playing qualities of the rubber are enhanced.

Harga: Rp.100.000

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