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Pips Out / Bintik


Friendship/729 837

Rubber/Karet Bat Pingpong
Pips Out/Bintik
Bintik Panjang - Sponge 1.00 mm
Friendship/729 837Detail Produk
837 long rubber is developed and produced by Tiajin Rubber Industry Research Institute which has accumulated many years of experience,It has good toughness and a special structure,Besides having the features of long rubber,it can also be used fro attack,to cause some spinning which easy to master,All the frist-class players in the world like it.

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.95.000

Palio CK531A OX

Rubber/Karet Bat Pingpong
Pips Out/Bintik
OX - tanpa sponge - Bintik Panjang
Palio CK531A OXDetail Produk
In the early 60’s , Chinese shocked the Table Tennis world with their
secret weapon-long pimple rubber. It has since become a weapon many players enjoy.
Palio long pips rubber inherits the many fine characteristics of its long pimple predecessors.
And yet CK531A pimple are smaller and softer. Hence, it can create stronger reversed spins
and this definitely proves to be damaging to opponents.
So don't miss this if you want to have a killer long pimples rubber.

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.55.000

Friendship/729 755

Rubber/Karet Bat Pingpong
Pips Out/Bintik
Bintik Panjang - Sponge 1.0 mm

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.90.000

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Butterfly Challenger

Karet Bat Pingpong
Pips out (bintik)
100% original
Butterfly ChallengerDetail Produk
Speed 8.3
Spin 7.2
Control 8.6
Deception 7.2
Weight 2.3 - Light
Sponge Hardness 5.0 - Medium
Consistency 9.2 - Always identical

Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.425.000

Produk ini habis terjual.
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