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Donic Waldner Legend Carbon PenHold

Kayu/Blade pingpong
Handle Chinese PenHolder / CPenHolder / CPen
100% original

Kami bisa merakit/memasang karet bet tanpa biaya (GRATIS). Cantumkan dlm kolom keterangan "Tolong dirakitkan dgn Speed Glue / WBG (pilih salah satu)"
Berat : 5 ons
Detail Produk:
Speed 9.1
Control 9.0
Weight 85g
Plies 5
Materials Carbon

Waldner Legend Carbon, a new Donic development - the blade you must have!

Fast and extremely light offensive blade. Having a larger "sweet spot" ensures premium control. The blade has been designed with great care. The choice of wood plies - Hinoki outer ply in combination with carbon layers and a soft inner ply provide stiffness for good topspin. Especially for close to the table attackers who like to dominate.

Harga: Rp.875.000

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