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Yinhe T-4

Blade/Kayu Bat Pingpong
OFF+ 5+4 carbon blade FL
Berat : 1 kg
Detail Produk:
Speed : 105
Control : 60
Thickness : ± 6.0 mm
Weight : ± 89 gr
Review :
If you are looking for a blade that defines solid,
this blade will do it for you.
4 layers of top-notch carbon sandwiched between
5 layers of cypress gives you a blade that is all sweet-spot.
This blade will throw the ball low (reduced dwell time) and fast.
This is one of those blades that define what modern Chinese quality is about.
Compare this blade to the $105 Butterfly Schlager Carbon style blades
and you find the same build quality, but less than half the price.

Harga: Rp.330.000

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